Regret not me

Regret not me;
Beneath the sunny tree
I lie uncaring, slumbering peacefully.

Swift as the light
I flew my faery flight;
Ecstatically I moved, and feared no night.

I did not know
That heydays fade and go,
But deemed that what was would be always so.

I skipped at morn
Between the yellowing corn,
Thinking it good and glorious to be born.

I ran at eves
Among the piled-up sheaves,
Dreaming, "I grieve not, therefore nothing grieves."

Now soon will come
The apple, pear, and plum
And hinds will sing, and autumn insects hum.

Again you will fare
To cider-makings rare,
And junketings; but I shall not be there.

Yet gaily sing
Until the pewter ring
Those songs we sang when we went gipsying.

And lightly dance
Some triple-timed romance
In coupled figures, and forget mischance;

And mourn not me
Beneath the yellowing tree;
For I shall mind not, slumbering peacefully.

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mark bolton said...

Hi there... my daughter is doing a piece of work at school about this poem, and we looked on the internet for some 'inspiration'... found your blog! also found a picture of mine used to illustrate it... if you use images culled from books/magazines/blogs etc, it is usually good manners to credit the photographer... some photographers would actually chase users up for payment. There is a copyright on all my work! anyway, out of interest where was this image used (originally)? Mark