From 'Two Serenades'

I--On Christmas Eve

Late on Christmas Eve, in the street alone,
Outside a house, on the pavement-stone,
I sang to her, as we'd sung together
On former eves ere I felt her tether. -
Above the door of green by me
Was she, her casement seen by me;
But she would not heed
What I melodied
In my soul's sore need -
She would not heed.

Cassiopeia overhead,
And the Seven of the Wain, heard what I said
As I bent me there, and voiced, and fingered
Upon the strings. . . . Long, long I lingered:
Only the curtains hid from her
One whom caprice had bid from her;
But she did not come,
And my heart grew numb
And dull my strum;
She did not come.

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Anonymous said...

I really love this poem. I was wondering what you thought of various lines. I have my theories but would love to hear another's perspective(base-make sure I'm not completely off base).

'To the other's name
As hers were the claim;'

And as well
'She stayed, as though, were she slain by the smart,
She would bear love's burn for a newer heart.'