from "A Sign Seeker"

I mark the months in liveries dank and dry,
     The noontides many-shaped and hued;
     I see the nightfall shades subtrude,
And hear the monotonous hours clang negligently by.

I view the evening bonfires of the sun
     On hills where morning rains have hissed;
     The eyeless countenance of the mist
Pallidly rising when the summer droughts are done.

I have seen the lightning-blade, the leaping star,
     The cauldrons of the sea in storm,
     Have felt the earthquake's lifting arm,
And trodden where abysmal fires and snow-cones are.

I learn to prophesy the hid eclipse,
     The coming of eccentric orbs;
     To mete the dust the sky absorbs,
To weigh the sun, and fix the hour each planet dips.

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